The conference was inspiring, enlightening, productive.  I must again say that it was one of the most powerful gathering of passionate, results-oriented professionals with whom I have had the p pleasure of interacting with in a very long time.  Kudos and accolades for a job well done.  I felt well nourished by the audience as well as the other participants. WoW! Your room and your audience should always be filled! More women need to understand what it is you are offering and how you offer it. I am sure that your next event will be standing room only.


Thank you for your service!

Beverly Kuykendall
President of Government Business

Thank you for inviting me to join WAVE’s Seminar. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed talking with the women veterans who were there.

You did an amazing job with the event! Thank you for your leadership and commitment to women vets in business.

Best regards,


Barbara E. Carson
Associate Administrator
Office of Veterans Business Development
U.S. Small Business Administration

Powerful, Wonderful, Inspiring women,
It was my absolute pleasure to attend my first WAVE Seminar today. The agenda was packed with very impressive names and speakers who eloquently shared enlightening information. I verbally thanked you both for the opportunity, but wanted to follow up with an email for your records. As I stated, I almost changed my mind about attending today. I could not have made a better use of my time had I missed this! Other conferences, that cost more with similar industry names and titles have not been as fruitful for me as a small, minority, Veteran woman business owner. The speakers were knowledgeable and seemed very sincere about their small business initiatives, (even the Air Force gentlemen who seemed to have a less than positive report). It was encouraging that your panels consisted of Federal experts in Small Business operations, as well as industry giants. My business is still in its infancy, but I was inspired and motivated to attain information from corporations that are willing to mentor small businesses.
I cannot thank you enough for sponsoring this event, or even articulate just how beneficial it was to me. As a minority woman, I was so proud to see women who look like me in positions of power, using it to help others achieve their goals. Priceless!
Hope to see you at the next power-packed event!

Keshia Dempsey

Hello Harvetta! 

It was a pleasure to meet you last week at WAVE. You, Stephanie, Gayle, and team did an amazing job and I just cannot say enough about the wealth of information I gained as a result. I am truly blessed to have connected with WAVE.

Shelley Tidmore
Sales Director

Intelligent Office of Arlington

“Just a note to tell what a great job that you did with the conference today!  It was a treat because the agenda was so different from these types of events.  And, thanks, for hauling in the SBA to help with certification.  It was a great idea,…and finally, I am in the database.”

Susan Custis
Chaos Consulting, Inc.
      “Changing Healthcare – 
                Accelerating Operational Success”

 Ms. Spann, one word Awesome!    I'm telling you, I was impressed with the entire seminar.

Again, it was the Best Forum for me ever.


Malda J. Brown
Procurement Center Representative
U.S. Small Business Administration
409 3rd street SW
Washington, DC. 20416